It’s difficult to think about losing someone you love. However, many people today, in fact, are preplanning their own funerals to take some the burden from family members left behind. Considering that it removes any doubt pertaining to preferences or final wishes, it’s an excellent opportunity to eliminate the stress of make those arrangements while emotions are heightened by a devastating loss.  At American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory, we provide professional, caring services with full understanding of your individual financial needs, religious preferences, and more. To accommodate the wishes of you or your loved one, we can help you make the necessary arrangements.

About Our Affordable Cremation Services

A lot of families today are on a limited budget. But, many time because a loss is unforeseen, the need for a funeral may prove to be a financial challenge very suddenly . The weight of loss is heavy enough without adding insult to injury with the uncertainty of affordability . At American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory, we know can be difficult to endure grief and a financial burden simultaneously. That's why we're here to accommodate when it comes to your needs and the services we offer.

When all is said and done, cremation can be a more affordable choice than a traditional funeral and burial.

How American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory Can Help

Different people have varying wishes regarding their final resting place, and traditional burial isn't for everyone. Cremation has become a popular choice in some of those instances. There are many reason for this, personal, religious, or otherwise.

At American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home, we understand that during a time of a trying economy. Though choosing cremation over the traditional process of saying goodbye to a loved one may already be a more economical option, there are ways to make a cremation even more affordable:

  • Crowd fund the funeral
  • Utilize VA benefits
  • Skip the flowers or use a discounted florist
  • Direct cremation without embalming
  • Choose a less ornate urn for your loved one's ashes or consider purchasing your container from an outside source
  • Forgo the services

Regardless of the options you decide on, you may have questions. We are here to provide you the answers you need.

If you decide on cremation, you may wish to have the ashes buried above or next to the final resting place of another loved one, or an option of a single grave space being used for the burial of the cremated remains of more than one loved one. Talk to us about these options or any others you may have in mind.

Why Should You Work with American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory for Affordable Cremation Services?

At American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory, we want you to feel comfortable. In order for the healing process to begin, our team is here and ready to be open minded to your preferences and concerns. If you are considering cremation, we can help you go about the process in the most affordable manner.

If you have questions regarding affordable cremations services, or if you'd like more information regarding our other available services, contact us now. You can send us an email at [email protected] or call us at (432) 563-9767.