There is nothing more devastating than the sudden loss of a family member or close friend. It is common to have feelings of anguish, frustration, confusion and even anger. As such, it can be challenging to focus on the necessary funeral arrangements that need to be made but the caring staff at American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home are here to help.

About Pecos, TX

The Texas City of Pecos is part of Reeves County and is its county seat. It is the biggest town in the region and is situated within a valley that rests along the western bank of the nearby Pecos River, which the city is named after. The climate is exceptionally arid since it is located in close proximity to Chihuahuan Desert, but according to Forbes, it is one of the state’s fastest-growing areas, due to commercial activities such as agriculture, ranching, and petroleum and gas production. The area is also notable for cultivating cantaloupes.

Funeral, Burial & Cremation Services in Pecos, TX

We’ve served the community of Pecos for many years; providing both burial, cremation and funeral services. Veterans receive a special discount while young children such as infants and babies may receive our services free of charge. Our facility is conveniently situated where the funeral home, crematorium and cemetery are all located on-site, which provides greater convenience for our clients.

Funeral Planning Services in Pecos, TX

Pecos is a small community where residents are close to one another so the death of someone is a loss to all, not just immediate family members. The personnel at American Heritage recognize this which is why the services we provide are flexible and capable of accommodating numerous community members. Our goal is to aid you in paying tribute to those you’ve lost while honoring their life and accomplishments.

Flowers and Gifts in Pecos, TX

A great way of honoring deceased family members or friends is with a lovely bouquet of flowers. The botanical selection provided by our staff is fresh, exquisite and tasteful, and you have multiple options to choose from which include the color, shape and style. When delivering flowers we always carry them by hand as this retains the freshness while adding an empathetic touch. You can also purchase sympathy baskets along with other themed items from our store.

Why Should You Work with American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home in Pecos, TX?

Aside from our years of experience working with families all over Pecos, we are detail-oriented and care deeply about our patrons. Death is something that everyone faces and we recognize the significance of the work we do and the importance of making sure the deceased are cared for in a professional, caring and dignified manner.

If you need assistance planning a funeral in Pecos, TX, American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home is here to guide you through the most difficult moments of your life. Give us a call at (432) 563-9767 or send us a message through our online form.