Confronting and accepting the death of someone you care about is extremely difficult. If the loss was expected and known in advance, the process is easier, but the grief is especially painful when the loss comes suddenly. The staff at American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home will guide you through the challenging course of making the necessary arrangements, giving you time to grieve.

About Lovington, NM

Lovington is situated in the state of New Mexico within Lea County and is the area’s country seat. It is a small town although its population has grown slightly in recent years. It is best known for its public library and U.S. Route 82 traverses through the town’s center, which can be used to reach the city of Artesia which is about sixty-four miles to the west. 

Lovington is situated not too far from the Texas border and like much of New Mexico and the greater Southwest the area is arid with only a small amount of water. Despite its dry and temperate climate, the water here is notable for its cleanliness and both the crime and taxes are low. The locals are friendly and both land and real estate are quite affordable.

Funeral, Burial & Cremation Services in Lovington, NM

We serve the family and community of Lovington, NM, offering both funeral services and burial arrangements. This includes cremation, burial adornments, and the observance for the funeral. Services for infants will be provided free of charge and the families of veterans will receive an exclusive rate which includes filling assistance for veteran benefits. Our funeral home, crematorium, and cemetery are situated on-site to maximize convenience.

Funeral Planning Services in Lovington, NM

Lovington is a conservative community where most families lay their loved ones to rest in a traditional manner. However, our services are formative and we’re open to any suggestions you have. We will aid you in establishing a suitable tribute that is designed to honor your loved ones, and we also provide pre-planning services for the living. By making advanced arrangements it will be easier for family members to grieve without the added stress that comes from the details of burial and funeral arrangements.

Flowers and Gifts in Lovington, NM

Floral arrangements are a traditional way of honoring those we’ve loss, and the selections we provide are immaculate. The flowers will be delivered manually to ensure freshness and we provide numerous choices which you can select based on color, type, and variety. Sympathy baskets can also be distributed to those that request them.

Why Should You Work with American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home in Lovington, NM?

Our funeral home is family operated and is experienced in providing affordable services to the community. Our staff members work closely with family members to plan the appropriate funeral and those who desire special themes or accessories will find them in our store.

If you need assistance planning a funeral in Lovington, NM, American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home is here to guide you through the most difficult moments of your life. Give us a call at (432) 563-9767 or send us a message through our online form.