If there is one thing in life that is inevitable, it is death. The occurrence is natural and can even be classified as such before "old age" sets in. As natural as it may be, however, few people are ever prepared for it, and those left behind may have a hard time dealing with it. When the death of a loved one occurs, you need someone on your side who can offer assistance, support, and the necessary services. At American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory, we provide exactly that. This is a difficult time in your life, and we realize that. We are here to help.

About Klondike, TX

In Delta County, Texas, you will find the unincorporated community known as Klondike. Three miles southwest of Cooper, it can be found at the county's southwest corner at the junction of Farm to Market Roads 2890 and 1528. It had an estimated population of just 135 back in 2000. The area started out as Pleasant Grove back in 1852 and, due to the Texas Midland Railroad, became more prosperous around 1897. The name Klondike was assigned as a postal franchise thanks to an application by landowner and prominent citizen Joel Jefferson Hunt. Dawson County also has an area referred to as Klondike, which is classified as a Texas Panhandle Ghost Town.

Funeral, Burial & Cremation Services in Klondike, TX

Here at American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory, the services we offer span a wide range. If you have something in mind for a ceremony, burial, or cremation, we can help you handle the necessary processes involved. To make it easier on you, we're here to be of assistance every step of the way. Whether you plan a service in a funeral home, a cremation, a cemetery service, etc., we've got you covered. For veterans and babies/infants, we offer special assistance and pricing.

Funeral Planning Services in Klondike, TX

When planning a funeral, frequently, more than one family member is involved. We are not so fixed in our ways that we close our minds to suggestions, questions, and ideas. In fact, because we are here to make you feel comfortable and to your satisfaction, we will answer your questions, listen to your suggestions, and discuss any topic necessary related to the end-of-life process involved. At American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory, you can also preplan a funeral for yourself or for a loved one. In fact, we recommend it.

Flowers and Gifts in Klondike, TX

In addition to a number of end-of-life ceremonies, services, etc., we also offer a comprehensive funeral bouquet catalog with numerous colors, unique styles, and more. Depending on what your friend or loved one favored the most, look through our selection and pick your best options. To maintain freshness throughout the ceremony, on the actual day it takes place, your selection will be hand delivered. To bring some comfort to the friends and family during this time of uncertainty and sorrow, we offer numerous selections of sympathy baskets, as well.

Why Should You Work with American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory in Klondike, TX?

American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory is family owned and operated. We handle funeral planning together by working closely with one another. We strive to make the experience as comfortable and personal as possible, for each and every one of our clients. We offer affordable rates, advice and assistance for those who need it, and other extensive services.

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If you need assistance with planning a funeral in Klondike, TX, American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory is here to guide you through the most difficult moments in your life.