Why Plan Ahead?

In America, more and more people are preplanning their funeral. In addition, some even choose to prepay. Both of these are a good idea. Left to chance, you can never really be sure how your funeral will go if left in the hands of someone else – no matter how good and honorable their intentions may be.

Many funeral homes will assist you in the preplanning process, but at American Heritage Cemetery and Funeral Home Crematory, we excel at funeral preplanning.

The Value of Preplanning

The day of a loved one's funeral is difficult for the bereaved. Many benefits are provided by preplanning. Some of these include:

  • In this manner, you will have your affairs in order in preparation for your end-of-life. This is a self-reliant choice, preferred by many.
  • This is one of the best ways to absolutely assure yourself that your wishes will be carried out after you're gone.
  • You can determine just how meaningful, traditional, fun, religious, etc. you want your funeral to be. This will be important for your family, loved ones, and friends. They may not be able to think clearly in their dealings with the details.
  • In the case of prepaying, you're taking a huge financial burden off of your loved ones. Additionally, prices are only going to increase through the years. Paying now helps keep costs down, before price tags increase.
  • Already referred to here is the fact that the bereaved will be devastated by grief and more. No one wants their loved ones to have to suffer any more than they already will be. By knowing that everything is taken care of, they can concentrate on what's most important – dealing with their emotions.

Peace of Mind Planning

When you determine the details of your cemetery services, funeral, cremation, etc., in advance, you are preplanning. This conversation does not have to be difficult and can be handled with the utmost sensitivity and concern by truly devoted professionals. That's who you'll find at American Heritage Cemetery and Funeral Home Crematory.

To residents throughout Midland and Odessa, Texas (and surrounding areas), we offer funeral planning services. You may have questions as to the process, what your options are, how to arrange for payment, and more. That's why we're here. We can answer any and all queries where funeral preplanning/payment is concerned. It's what we do.

We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Never hesitate to call if you feel we can be of service. We want to make you and your family as comfortable as possible through our support and services.

Let American Heritage Cemetery and Funeral Home Crematory Preplan Your Funeral

Keep in mind that prepaying your funeral, as well as preplanning it, helps ease the encumbrance of the people you leave behind. Funerals can be expensive and don't show any sign of getting any less so. With this in mind, we will help wherever we can to lessen the financial burden of the bereaved, should they be left as responsible parties for both planning and payment.

We offer discounts for veterans, infant funerals (one year of age or less) at absolutely no cost whatsoever; and can assist in finding the least expensive way to pay tribute to your loved one while still maintaining dignity and respect.

Contact us today at American Heritage Cemetery and Funeral Home Crematory to discuss details, ask questions, or set up an appointment.