How to Plan a Cremation Service

In America, funeral services are a common occurrence. They help people mourn and heal by allowing them to come together for a ceremony. Whether it's cremation or a traditional burial, a service is part of the grieving process for many.

Specifically, a cremation service distinguishes itself from a traditional funeral service in that there is no casket in the front of the room for visitors to view. Rather, an urn or some other type of container is typically set at the front of the room in which the service will be held. Very often, pictures and keepsakes are displayed around the room in memory and in honor of the deceased.

When planning a cremation service, there are certain steps to follow. Before you begin the process, however, explore the options of cremation that are available to you. Once you have your options in front of you, you can continue with the planning process. 

Time for a Family Discussion

To get a better idea of what your family prefers and receive their input, it's perfectly fine to bring them along so that they can participate in the planning process. For a cremation to take place, permission signatures will need to be obtained from all next of kin.

Confer With a Professional

Any insights you may need during this time should be provided by a funeral professional. Do not be afraid to express concerns or ask questions.

In Writing, Document Cremation Intentions

To take this step, there are a number of forms made available through the funeral home planning the memorial and actual cremation.

Arrange For the Physical Remains to Be Transported

The physical remains of your loved one will need to be transported directly to a crematory/facility. As a funeral home’s available services, this is usually included.

These were all pre-cremation planning stages. The following will be post cremation decision steps.

Consider The Ceremony Type Desired

Ceremony types can include the following:

  • Cremation followed by memorial service
  • Traditional funeral, then cremation
  • Scattering ceremony
  • Celebration-of-life

From Friends and Family, Ask for Assistance

Encourage family and friends’ involvement by asking them to participate in a eulogy, write down a story, submit their favorite photos, etc.

Select Readings, Prayers, Music, Etc.

The possibilities are endless, but you don't have to have any of these if you choose not to.

Well Ahead of Time, Contact Guests

Should people need time off from work or need to travel, this will be particularly important.

Cremation Remains – Decide How They Will Be Handled

For a celebration-of-life, the visual focal point is commonly the urn containing the ashes. When the service is over, what will you be doing with the cremated remains? Will they be scattered somewhere, buried, or will you take them home? For family members and friends, consider the purchase of keepsake urns.

Cremation Planning – Funeral and Services

If you need help planning a cremation service, we are available for consultation. At American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory, we understand the sensitive nature of losing a friend, loved one, or family member. We treat each and every individual that we serve with the utmost empathy, discretion, and consideration. Should you need assistance with a cremation service, and the resources for the actual cremation, we are at your service.

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