Funeral Service Trends

Who would've thought you'd be reading about 2021 funeral service trends? Yet, here it is. A list of the most popular trends taking place where funeral services are concerned:

  • With great attention to detail, Personalized Funerals
  • Funeral services live streamed over the Internet
  • Remembrance Celebrations
  • Cremation but with creative alternatives (Parting  Stones, Memory Glass, Space Burial, etc.)
  • Pre-arrangement saves friends and loved ones the headaches and heartaches dealing with last-minute arrangements
  • The active participation of attendents at a burial, funeral, or cremation
  • Purchasing/planning a funeral entirely online
  • Burials that are Eco-Friendly
  • Cremation Jewelry

At American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory, we provide caring and professional services for the planning of cremations, funeral services, cemetery services, burial, and more. Whether you follow one of the latest trends for the funeral you're planning or already have something unique in mind, we can help. Connect with us today for pre-planning, last-minute arrangements, or with questions!

About Our Funeral Services

Funerals bring people together to mark the passing of a friend or loved one and celebrate their life. Because no one person is the same as the next, funerals can differ greatly, as well. Many traditional funerals have a more somber, sad feel to them. More modern "Celebrations of Life", however, can stray so far to the other side of the coin that they, in many cases, resemble parties!

Whether a somber traditional service, a "Celebration of Life", a themed funeral service, or something else, we are here to work with you to make sure everything goes according to plan. 

How American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Crematory Home Can Help 

Different religions have various procedures and protocols for events involving end-of-life celebrations/farewells. In addition to religious services, however, some individuals prefer a theme or mood for their final farewell. One such trend that has caught on widely is a "Celebration of Life". Rather than a somber, sad, traditional observance, these can lean more toward celebratory events and parties! Particularly when planned in advance, everyone is far freer to remember the deceased, celebrate their life, honor their existence, and more, in a happy, positive light.

In addition to “Celebrations of Life”, themes are sometimes used. They can revolve around Hollywood celebrities, music, art, the wilderness, sports, motorcycles, and much more.

At the American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory, we understand that – to help friends and loved ones find peace – certain protocols sometimes need to be provided to fulfill religious obligations. For this reason, we work with various religions (offering appropriate funerals) including the following:

  • Jewish Funeral Services
  • Christian Funeral Services
  • Catholic Funeral Services
  • Orthodox Funeral Services
  • Islamic Funeral Services
  • Hindu Funeral Services
  • … and more.

We do everything in our power to provide an experience that is authentic no matter the form of religious service. All of our efforts will conform to the traditions, customs, and protocols of your chosen religion. We leave nothing to chance. Should you wish, with the clergy of your choosing, we will work closely.

Why Should You Work with American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory for The Latest in Funeral Trends?

At American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home, we not only offer personalized funeral services for each and every client, we can be of assistance with grief counseling, and more. Pre-arrange your own funeral, that of a loved one, or use our expert staff to guide you through any sudden, last-minute arrangements that may be needed. Sometimes, the passing of a loved one can catch us offguard. At times like this, you can rely on us for empathy, comfort, support, and the utmost assistance.

If you have questions about our funeral services – be they trendy or traditional – contact us now. You can call us at (432) 563-9767 or send us an email at [email protected].