When Grief Doesn't Ease

When someone passes away, it can be devastating for those left behind. Sometimes it may feel like particular types of hurting will never go away. Some, in fact, say that grief never truly ends. The last thing you probably need to hear is, "It gets better." It may not ever get truly better for some people, but hopefully it can get "less bad".

The death of a mother or father is difficult, there can be no doubt. For some individuals, however, it is beyond life altering. Another grief that may never go away is that which results from the loss of a child. How does one deal with that?

Religious individuals may turn to their faith for answers and help in dealing with grief. Others may try discussing their feelings with friends, family, counselors, etc. The whole focus here needs to be that grief must be dealt with in order for it to pass – even if it never completely passes.

The Grieving Process

Never let anyone tell you that there is a wrong way and/or a right way to grieve. There are, however, healthier options when it comes to the process of grieving. Here are a few tips that will, hopefully, help to ease your pain after the loss of a loved one:

  • You are feeling pain. That's expected. Acknowledge it.
  • Accept the fact that many unexpected/different emotions may be triggered due to your grief.
  • Each and every person is unique, and so, therefore, is the grieving process for an individual.
  • From the people who care most about you, seek out face-to-face support. If you are reluctant to speak to those around you, find a professional who is experienced in the area of grief counseling.
  • By taking care of yourself physically, you will better support yourself emotionally.
  • Recognize the fact that there is a difference between depression and grief. If you feel that you are exceptionally depressed, it's time to talk to your doctor. Thanks to modern medicine, there are a number of prescriptions on the market that may be able to help you through this most difficult time.

Services Offered by American Heritage Cemetery and Funeral Home Crematory

In addition to the above-stated assistance, we offer a number of services to those having difficulty dealing with the grief resulting from the loss of a loved one. Here are just a few of the things we strive to provide:

  • An Executive Counseling Director (Dr. Virginia Simpson)
  • Interactive aftercare
  • Daily email affirmations
  • Grief support resources
  • Grief support guide

 Where to Find Grief Counseling 

At American Heritage Cemetery and Funeral Home Crematory, we offer online grief support in our commitment to assist the community through some of the hardest times of their lives. It doesn't matter when you need support – what day of the week or time of day – our online counseling service can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Watch our interactive videos, join group grief support, or access our online counseling service as you need. You have our commitment – no matter how you are feeling at this very moment in time – you are not alone!