Record Your Wishes

At American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory, we know how important it is, to some people that that their preferences surrounding their funeral are honored. Your desire may be pertaining to a particular theme that has been important to you, or you may prefer an actual Celebration of Life or a serious conventional type service. It may be centered in your established religious beliefs. Regardless of what your final wishes are, they should be officially recorded somewhere. Why? How else will people know what is/was most important to you?

Yes, you can tell a friend or a family member ahead of time. But when the actual time comes for funeral planning, your wishes may have been forgotten, misplaced, or completely disregarded altogether. Then it's left up to the individual arranging the funeral who, through no fault of their own, may not get it quite right. Having an official record of your final wishes is the best policy.

About Our Pre-Planning Services

You may or may not decide to pre-plan your entire funeral. Even if you simply want to record some of your final wishes, and leave it at that, we can help you accomplish that. Preplanning or documenting your final wishes helps those left behind immensely. There will likely be grief and confusion at your passing. The fewer details your loved ones have to deal with, the more of a comfort it will be for them.

Ensuring that certain things take place during your final farewell, is the main reason to see to it that your wishes are officially on record somewhere to establish a likelihood that your wishes will be carried out. 

How American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory Can Help

If you would like to make sure that your final wishes are recorded and carried out, you can rely on American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory to guide you through that. Here are some examples of what someone’s final wishes may entail:

  • Specific religious preferences.
  • A Celebration of Life versus a solemn, serious, sad affair.
  • The reading of a meaningful poems, song lyrics, religious passages for example.
  • Specific people named as pallbearers.
  • Names of specific individuals the person in question wants to speak, sing, etc.
  • Music or songs to be played.
  • Desired presentation, including clothing, jewelry, or props.
  • Some individuals choose to write to their own epitaph, obituary, etc.
  • What type of a funeral or memorial, specifically, they want (military, burial at sea, massive party with cocktails, conducted like an AA meeting, etc.).
  • One crucial element is how different individuals want their remains handled (cremation, viewing, burial, etc.).

Remember, too, to choose a transportation mode for your remains from the funeral service to the cemetery (motorcycle drawn carriage, horse-drawn carriage, hearse, etc.).

Once you decide to record your final wishes, we are happy to assist. If you're not sure how to begin your planning, once again, we can help guide you. With the experience of our team we can help you with the most trifling, but impactual details of your planning.

Why Should You Work with American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory for Cremation Services?

At American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory, we want to make sure that your final wishes become an event that will honor your legacy, as well as create a lasting impression on those you love, and by having a tangible plan, you ensure your own preferences and alleviate burden for them as well.

If you would like a service provider who will not only help you record your final wishes but see to it that they are carried out , please contact us at your convenience at (432) 653-0643 or you can email us at [email protected]

Start Planning Now

To start the pre-planning process, you can fill out our pre-planning form. Or feel free to reach us by phone any time, and one of our consultants will help guide you through every option.