Jewish Funeral

At American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory, because we are a family owned business, we have a complete and total understanding of the importance of family, culture, tradition, and religion. In honor of those who have passed, we are entirely knowledgeable in the area of Jewish funerals and other religious/cultural services and celebrations of life. We practice understanding and empathy during the planning and performance of your loved one’s funeral.

We want nothing more than for you to allow us, during this difficult time, to support you and help you experience healing. To celebrate the individuality and life of your departed loved one, we can help you plan a memorable Jewish funeral. Stick to tradition or venture from it as much as you prefer. We are flexible, compassionate, and easy to work with.

About Jewish Funerals

A combination of minhag and mitzvah, bereavement in Judaism is derived from rabbinic texts and the classical Torah. According to each Jewish community, however, observance and practice details can vary.

First degree relatives are the principal mourners in Judaism. This can include spouse, siblings, children, and parents. To an individual mourning the death of a parent, there are some customs that are unique. A blessing is recited upon receiving news of a death in the Jewish religion. In traditional past practices, at the moment one hears news of a death, there was a custom of rending one’s clothes. Tearing clothing at the funeral is/was another prevalent custom.

How American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory Can Assist in Jewish Funerals

We are always at the ready to help guide you through the process of organizing a Jewish funeral service. If you choose, for a gathering of friends and relatives to celebrate the life of a loved one and honor their memory, we have a beautiful funeral home. Because cremation is frowned upon in the Jewish religion, should you not have a final resting place for your loved one, we can help you secure one. The important thing is that the wishes of the departed are fulfilled, as well as the wishes of the remaining family.

As stated, your Jewish funeral can be as traditional as you’d like it to be. However, if you have a specific theme or mood that you would like to set – and depart from tradition – we will abide by your wishes and needs. If you desire to hold the service at a unique venue, we will work with you.

Sometimes, the unthinkable happens. A child passes away. At American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory, at no cost to the family, we provide infant services. This includes cremation services if desired, burial property, and funeral ceremony. Additionally, we provide a special rate for veterans.

Why Work with American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory for Jewish Funerals?

The loving, caring staff at American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory is renowned for our empathy, compassion, and professionalism. In the heart of West Texas, we consider ourselves fortunate and blessed to be able to offer a full-service cemetery, crematory, and funeral home.  While you may not require or use all of our services, we are here to provide you with the services you need or desire.

If you have been assigned the planning of a Jewish funeral, reach out to us today. We can be called at (432) 653-0643 and emailed at [email protected]

Start Planning Now

To start the pre-planning process, you can fill out our pre-planning form. Or feel free to reach us by phone any time, and one of our consultants will help guide you through every option.