Hindu Funerals

Religious or cultural funerals are a time for friends and loved ones to gather, mark the passing of someone who meant the world to them, and celebrate their life. In many countries and throughout numerous religions, this custom is a time-honored one. When people lose a loved one, many turn to their faith to find solace. The burden of dealing with grief can, for many, be somewhat eased through faith-based rituals or services.

Family, friends, and loved ones all get the chance to pay their last respects and tributes, and say their last goodbyes, through cultural or religious services. This allows those who remain to carry on with life and find peace. Hindu funerals are no exception.

About Hindu Funerals

Traditionally, Hindu funerals (and mourning) last approximately 13 days. Until the burial or cremation, the body is normally kept at the family home. Within 24 hours of a death, this usually occurs. During this period of intense grief, extended family and friends visit the bereaved.

According to old tradition, the cremation/funeral is only attended by men. It is said that simple, casual dress is appropriate for men in attendance. Today, however, with times changing so drastically, more and more Hindu funerals are approving the attendance of women.

Hindu funerals can include the following:

  • The body of the departed is traditionally kept at home within 24 hours after death (until cremation)
  • The body of the departed is cremated
  • Traditionally, at a place of importance to the departed or over a sacred body of water the ashes are scattered on the fourth day
  • Referred to as a wake, the service does not require formal attire
  • Grieving can last as long as 13 days, depending upon the family

How American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory Can Assist in Hindu Funerals

We are ready, willing, and able to help you plan and conduct a Hindu funeral. If desired, we have a lovely funeral home for the gathering of friends and family to celebrate and honor the life of a loved one. On-site, we have our own crematory for the convenience of our clientele and to assure that your friend or loved one never leaves the caring presence of our staff.

For all special, creative themes or unique venues, we can help plan and hold a celebration of life. We are with you all the way. For all those in attendance, and in the lives of family members who remain behind, our affordable services make all the difference.

Why Work with American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory for Hindu Funerals?

At American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory, we are well known for our professionalism, empathy, and compassion. In the heart of West Texas, we have a full-service funeral home, cemetery, and crematory. Each and every one of us feels that we have a calling to help the community heal while memorializing their loved one. With new developments, techniques, and trends, we make sure that we are constantly keeping up, and we never stop learning.

Whatever kind of cultural or religious funeral service you desire, we are here for you.

While it's difficult to imagine the death of a baby, parents throughout the world are subjected to it, nonetheless. At American Heritage Cemetery & Funeral Home Crematory, we provide infant services at no cost to the child's loved ones. This includes cremation services, burial property (if appropriate), and the funeral ceremony.

If seek a funeral service professional who specializes in Hindu funerals, reach out to us today. Email us at [email protected] or phone us at (432) 653-0643.

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