Catholic Funerals

The Catholics believe that life is a precious gift from God and your loved one’s passing is actually the beginning of his or her journey to a new life. However, it can still be a trying time to arrange for the funeral of someone who is close to you.

At American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory, we are a family owned funeral service provider committed to providing quality care. We specialize in Catholic funerals to honor those who have passed. We understand the need for a healing experience during the service. Let us support you during this difficult time and help you plan a memorable Catholic funeral service to celebrate the unique individuality of your loved one.

About Catholic Funerals

A Catholic funeral is a religious service where relatives and friends gather to celebrate the life of a loved one and offer up prayers to God to bless their loved one’s soul.

A Catholic funeral tradition usually begins with a Vigil Service, also referred to as the Wake or Rosary Service. This often takes place at a funeral home. It is a time where people pay their respect to the departed and words of comfort and encouragement are shared among family and friends. The rosary, which is a collection of prayers, is also led and recited by a priest or layman during the Vigil Service. Eulogies can also be delivered during this time.

The Funeral Mass is held after the Vigil Service and will likely take place at the church or chapel where the departed received sacraments during their life. This is the general order of the rite of the Funeral Mass:

  • Blessing the casket with holy water
  • A procession where pallbearers carry the casket into the church
  • The recitation of blessings and reading of selected bible scriptures by the priest and family members
  • The offering of communion
  • Blessing of the casket with holy water and incense
  • A recessional, where pallbearers bear the casket from the church and deliver it into a hearse

The recessional signals the end of the Funeral Mass. Funeral goers will then adjourn to the gravesite or the crematory for the committal of the casket.

The Rite of Committal often takes place at the cemetery but may at times be part of the service at the church. This is the final stage of the Catholic funeral where the priest commits the departed to the earth and those in attendance bid their final farewells.

How American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory Can Assist in Catholic Funerals

American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory is always ready to guide you through the process of organizing a Catholic Funeral service. We have a beautiful funeral home where family and friends can gather to honor and celebrate the life of a loved one. We also have a cemetery and crematory on site so you can rest easy, knowing that your loved one never leaves our care. And sometimes, when one family member wishes to be buried while another wishes to be cremated but both want to stay together, we are able to honor their wishes and arrange for them to be together in a common resting place.

If you desire to hold this celebration at another unique venue or plan a special creative theme around the celebration, we will also be with you all the way. Rest assured that our affordable services will make a difference in the lives of all those who are in attendance.

At American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory, we provide infant services at no cost and offer a special rate for veterans, including assisting families to file for veteran benefits. We understand that the grieving process can be especially difficult with such losses and we want to do all we can to provide comfort and support you in your healing journey.

Why Work with American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory for Catholic Funerals?

At American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory, we are known for our compassion, empathy and professionalism. Today, we are blessed to have a full-service cemetery, funeral home and crematory in the heart of West Texas. As a family owned, close knit community with humble beginnings, we have always remembered why we have taken up the call to serve in this healing ministry. We are constantly learning and keeping up with new trends and developments. We are ever ready to explore new ideas that suit your needs, and are dedicated to helping you share inspiring stories, to honor and preserve memories.

We would like to invite you to tour our beautiful sanctuary and begin a discussion with us. If you are looking for a service provider who specializes in catholic funerals, reach out to us today. We can be called at (432) 653-0643 and emailed at [email protected]. American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are always here for you.